Red Light Duplex
Branding for Red Light Duplex Bar

Red Light's duplex is a collaborative bar and cultural space in Santo André, a program that shows much of the local and regional scene, with experimental discotheques and bazaars of various themes, or the space also occupied by visual artists who decorate all space environments. all these changes transformed or red light in one place.
Red Light x B47 SP
The collective B-47 is formed by the artists Dênis Rodrigues de Freitas and Tiago Ramos Gasques. Both started on graffiti in the late 90’s and since then they’ve been collaborating on each other’s work, as well as they keep their own individual projects.
In 2005, they formed the B-47 inspired by the name of the transit mass line that serves the region where they live in Santo André | São Paulo | Brazil. The collective proposal is to unite the individual styles of each artist to create an unique composition.
Painting in bar Red Light Duplex with we friend Daniel Melim. Photos by Fernando Lago.
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